Taxation Consultancy

The proper interpretation and correct application of various fiscal legislations is a highly specialised field by itself. Many clients in recent times have become more aware and as such require service in this direction more than ever before. Our sister firm, J. K. Randle International offers tax advice to individuals and corporate clients. These include such areas as Personal Income Tax, Company Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, and Petroleum Profits Tax etc.

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We provide wide tax services to our clients which include:

Preparation of income tax and capital allowances computations; submission of tax returns to the tax authorities (Federal Inland Revenue Services and State Inland Revenue Services); attending to queries raised by the tax office on returns submitted to them and agreeing to tax liabilities of our clients.

Advising clients on the operation of Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) systems; and, where requested, we provide computerised or manual payroll services;

Application for and obtaining tax clearance certificates on behalf of clients. For the purpose of granting Capital Allowance by the Federal Board of Inland Revenue, major assets purchased by a company are to be registered and a certificate obtained from the Federal Ministry of Industries. This is a specialised field that must be handled by competent professionals.

Advise generally on tax planning, company’s income tax, withholding tax, personal income tax, gains tax and other specific issues at the request of the company.

Advise on tax implications of contracts which our clients may wish to enter into.

The firm has and maintains good relationship with the revenue officials and this facilitates the prompt issuance of Tax Clearance Certificate, which is required by all businesses.

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