Audit and Assurance

Increased pressure on the need for reliable financial information has put the spotlight on audit and assurance services. J. K. Randle & Co. understands the true value that thorough and objective audit and assurance services can bring to a company.

Our specialist teams provide a full range of audit, reporting, actuarial, corporate governance, risk management and transaction support services.  Together, audit and other assurance services play a fundamental role in the successful management of an organisation, particularly when auditors establish effective working relationships based on mutual trust and respect, with key players within an organisation, including management, non-executive directors and other advisers.

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Our clients range from public, private, entrepreneurial companies to Nigerian listed companies and some of the largest FT Global organizations in the world. Clients benefit from:

Unique Intergrated Strcuture

our unique, integrated structure that allows us to put together cross-border teams under a single partner.

Robust and Challenging Approach to Audit.

 We do not shy away from face-to-face discussion and challenge on audit issues – we have all the technical processes and procedures clients would expect of an international firm, but our partners don’t hide behind them.

Partner-Led Client Service

We do not make a habit of changing your JKR team once it has engaged with you – it is the norm for the partner who starts working with you to stay with you as long as current rotation rules allow.  

We also care about our industry. We believe that companies and their shareholders alike deserve the benefits that increased competition can bring and are committed to playing an active role in shaping its future.

We've worked with some of the biggest brands